This storyhack is an extract from one of the ‘hidden chapters’ in Tough Bliss: Restorying Life.


I believe that deep down, humans all have a longing to feel connected and at home. Returning to the nurturing embrace of our living, breathing planet helps us remember what ‘home’ really means.




I shivered in the early morning breeze despite being wrapped in several layers of clothing. The goose bumps on my skin were due to something other than the chill. As my new bright yellow wellies squelched in the mud and grass beneath my feet, I noticed the sense of anticipation building in my chest. I was walking slowly up the hill towards the object of my quest: Glastonbury Tor.


I struck out to the left, pushing my way through the creaking old wooden entrance gate and onwards into a tangle of brambles and grass. I was searching for the labyrinth path. For those that seek it, seven levels of a sacred trail can be found winding gradually around the full body of the mound, drawing you into a ceremonial ascent of the monument.  Walking the labyrinth is a moving meditation; a winding journey that takes you deep into the heart of your story on Earth.


I saw the lowest of the seven paths easily and strode easily along its broad grassy shoulder, admiring the early spring flowers that were bravely showing their blooms above the tough grasses. Glancing up to my right, I attempted to make out the higher rings of the path and gave up immediately as the morning sun broke through the clouds and shadows stole away the contours of the land.


As I walked, my senses came alive. Musky wet earth, drops of dew and the new leaves of trees filled my nostrils. I listened to the symphonies of birds and insects greeting the new day and the soft snort of sheep, grazing on the hillside below me.


At the fourth level of the labyrinth, the trail became faint and harder to find. I released the control of my eyes and handed over to my instinct to lead me forwards. I sped up my ascent. The higher I climbed, the shorter each concentric ring became. I was moving towards the climax of my journey.  Level five, level six, I could feel the summit calling to me. Orbs of light and dancing energy played all around me and I was enchanted with my ability to see beyond the illusion of the normal world. At any point I could have stopped and been drawn into the energetic celebrations but I knew I must keep moving. I didn’t want to be distracted and tempted away from the main object of my hunt.


Level seven. The path was barely perceptual to my human eyes but my feet moved ahead without a moment’s hesitation knowing exactly where they were going. Rounding the last bend I was faced with a straight climb into the top. Stopping for a moment, I breathed deep into my body with the exertion of my climb. Instead of moving towards the stone church that sits on top of the Tor, I was pulled like a magnet to the opposite side of its summit. As I walked around to the left in a wide circle, avoiding the man-made structure; I found myself looking down rather than out at the extensive views available across the Somerset levels. The earth seemed to be asking for my attention and leading me towards something significant. Rather than trying to work it out by using logic, I lay back on the grass and closed my eyes. Breath calming, I felt myself start to spin in circular patterns, harmonizing with the vibration of the earth. My body hummed in response to the strong currents of energy that pass through the node of the Tor. I shivered in ecstasy and willingly surrendered into bliss.


After a time I became aware of the sensation of sinking downwards into the earth. Every breath out taking me inwards. I found myself spiraling downwards into the core of the earth on waves of energy. Deeper and deeper into the dark warmth of the planets womb. I felt as if I was being held in an utterly loving embrace: being suckled by the earth mother herself. The human consciousness of ‘Gen’ became aware that my physical body was crying tears of utter joy. I was being swept up in the arms of my mother, my planet, and my Earth.


The loving presence holding me started to speak. Words of returning home, of claiming my birthright as a human; of knowing I am whole and perfect in all ways. These words traveled down every energy meridian in my body bringing healing and memory. They awakened validation of truths I have always known and yet have been taught to deny. Of knowledge unspoken due to the fear of judgment and exile. I was willing surrendered to the waves of love that swept over, around and through me and melted, seeing myself for the first time in my life through the unconditional loving eyes of my mother and my first beloved. Depth, vibrancy, harmony, and love was all I knew and all that I am. Spinning in oneness. Melting in unity.


Slowly, I became aware of the breeze blowing over my face and across my skin. Even though my eyes were still shut, I knew that the clouds were witnessing, from high above me, my return to day world consciousness and into the body and mind of the woman called Genevieve. I imagined that they must smile seeing me open my eyes and reveal an inner spark of self-knowledge that had been rekindled. They must be laughing with joy as they witnessed me slowly making my way to my feet and starting to walk gently on the face of the earth again; glowing, shining, knowing.





This summer I am co-leading quests to reconnect us back into the embrace of our Mother Earth with my adopted aunt Brooke Medicine Eagle. We still have some spaces on our London Wholeness and Holiness retreat and would love to sing, dance and play with you.


Ready to remember?


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