December already.


The cold winter winds in the Northern hemisphere bring with them cleansing, clearing energies that allow us to retreat within and notice things.


One of the patterns that is being spoken to me on the wind right now is linked to the transforming energy of gifting on the planet right now. I am noticing the illusion of commercialism and consumerism is starting to fade and a new light is coming through. One that is connecting and intimate on the deepest of human levels.


Last night I found myself in a conversation with my mother on the nature and human longing for intimacy. You know, the sort of connection that flows out from heart to heart when people speak their truth. The sort of unconditional love that melts boundaries and dissolves challenges in a second.


I am craving that kind of intimacy in all my relationships and therefore am making it my ‘gift’ to give it unconditionally to others in whatever form seems authentic and appropriate in each moment. Boundaries are still there, but the kind of boundaries that flex and sway in response to another’s honesty and integrity.


So my gift to everyone and everything this year is love.


Many native cultures have the idea of gifting as central to their stories and social systems, where happiness, success and satisfaction are obtained through giving back to one’s community and ecosystem. Gifting not just in terms of ‘things’ but more importantly in terms of









“Give just because you can. As many of you reading this will know and have experienced, when we give from this place of abundance, joy and freedom, we are gifted in return in multiple ways. The more we are able to give from a healthy place, living authentically in the world, the more the world offers us opportunities to dance our story into vibrant life. The adventures, the friendships, the teachers, the lovers, the ecstatic encounters of soul. This is the real gift of life, a constant flow of giving and receiving. We become potent and responsible in our play and every moment becomes a gift. The only appropriate response to life’s events becomes “Thank you.”

Extract from Tough Bliss: Restorying Life

As we enter into the Christian season of gifting this month, I invite you to restory this cycle for you in ways that enhance your ability to connect, create and commune with a deeper sense of purpose and love.


What is it that you most crave?

Give that to everyone and everything in your life and watch it ripple its way back to you.


What is it that you feel you are somehow lacking?

Give that and guess what will happen?


Yes, the old sayings are true.

You reap what you sow.

You get what you give to others.

As within, so without.


Give because it is good for you and for everyone and everything else.

Give your presence, time and love because when you do so, you heal.


Most importantly, give yourself the gift of new life, new love and new adventures.

Because you need it.

You deserve it.

You secretly crave it.


This month we are gifting a 33% discount on our new product launching in the Spring of 2020, The Storyhack Studio. A narrative yoga studio for your soul, the studio allows you to give yourself the gift of ongoing transformation for as long or as short a time as you wish.


You are under no obligation to stay or leave.

After all – its your story.

Make it a gift to the world.


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