Have you ever had a time when nothing seems to make sense anymore?


A period when the ‘normal’ activities of your daily life suddenly feel strange and out of place?


When the people you used to enjoy being around begin to get on your nerves?


Work you used to love stops being fulfilling?


You become bored with things that used to excite you whether that’s food, TV, sex, alcohol etc…?


You feel discombobulated (love this word) and can’t seem to keep your focus?


Recognize this?



This means you are transforming …..

Most of us will come to a time in our life when we experience a transformation and metamorphosis in our personality. Often dubbed ‘the dark night of the soul’, ‘mid life crisis’ (or simply ‘nervous breakdown’), these are not times to be avoided. In fact, they can open the door to massive, positive transformation – if we don’t run from them.


The trick to know is how to transform the breakdown into a breakthrough!


Just as a caterpillar has to surrender its old identity and life completely in order to melt and eventually become a butterfly, we too come to times when in order to transform we have to die.


I currently have several people in my life who are undergoing a metamorphosis. In their own unique ways, they are each letting go of the past, surrendering into the space of ‘not knowing’ what the hell is going on from day to day and following the only trail they can see – the path of their instinct.


When our old stories and personalities start to fall away it can be a roller coaster of disorientation. One moment we feel as though we are flying high on the wings of new opportunity; the next, we are dropping deep into the darkness of fear and insecurity. All completely natural.


To ride the waves is the art of transformation. When you are brave enough to let go of control and trust that as you learn to follow your heart, your joy, your bliss and your intuition, that the universe will open doors where previously there were only walls, magic happens. Yes, magic is real. It just doesn’t look how we expect it to.


Magic comes with memories that surface at just the right time to provide an ‘ah ha’. ‘Ah ha’s’ knit the narrative realm together. They form the stitch in time between the present and the past that suddenly pave the way for our future. But we have to surrender to the impulse of a new and unknown story wanting to be born through our courage. ‘Ah ha’s’ are the very thing that create the gap through which new ideas, opportunities and stories can slip through and become a new reality.


So why don’t you let go and surrender into the confusion of a new identity breaking through? It may be scary at first but it will ultimately change you for the better. Metamorphosis requires that we let go of the old so we can let in the new.


Go on… let go.
You won’t regret the change.


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  • Linda buchanan February 8, 2019   Reply →

    Genevieve…such profound words!
    Blessings 💕

    • Genevieve Boast February 9, 2019   Reply →

      Thanks Linda! Appreciate you reading these. Each one feels like it comes from a place beyond me ….

  • Thomas W April 28, 2019   Reply →

    Oh, wow. What a beautiful text. So much more than that of course.
    Thank you, dear Gen

    From back in the days in Sky

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