The last few days have started with a storm.

It seems this is pervading the energy fields of the planet right now. Whether it’s solar radiation, fluctuations in the Schumann resonance or simply the astrology, the prevalent frequencies seem to wish to distract.

Yesterday in particular, I woke up at 5am with my head spinning with a tornado of noise and stress. As if I had re-entered the day world from hyperspace into a meteor storm of epic proportions and was having to navigate mental and emotional asteroids of various shapes and sizes!


I was mildly surprised – this is not a regular occurrence for me.

So I tried to meditate.



Tried to go back to sleep.

Big fail!


Tried to visualise and calm myself using my imagination.

Still no luck.


Then I remembered breath.







I took one deep breath all the way down to my feet and back up again to the top of my head.


I chose a symbol (in this case the six-pointed star) and started to breathe in and out of that until it glowed bright silver in my mind’s eye.


Then I breathed this symbol all the way down my body on the out breath and into the Earth beneath my prone body still in bed.


I breathed this now earthed symbol back up my spine and into my heart centre until the silver light span its calming vibration all the way through every cell in my body.


Finally I sent the symbol up and out of the top of my head deep into the Cosmos, connecting with Universal energy and breathing that back down again into my body.



Finally – I relaxed and found enough clarity once again to meditate.







Something that we all have to do and many of us rarely remember.

Something that accompanies us each and every day like a sacred practice we engage with throughout our lives.


The moments of out breath when we relax.

The fast intake of breath when we are startled.

The deep breath we must inhale when we exercise or exert ourselves.

The delicious, subtle in breath before we kiss.



It’s our life companion.

Our barometer.

Our medicine.


My mental tornado stemmed from an important birth that is taking place as I write.


This week with the help of an amazing team of angels, we have brought to life a new space for us to gather and breathe – together.


The Storyhack Studio, first born at the start of lockdown last year has been a repository of writing, videos and audios all offered as our gift to the world as we moved through a year that no one expected and during which we all had to stop and breathe often to move through it.


The Studio is now reborn as a place where we can gather and remember who we are.


It is a space where we can pause in our life story and breathe into the places where it is asking to be transformed.


Where we can gift each other with sacred presence and ancient practice to transform our life from the inside out as we travel throughout the natural tempo of seasons and energies of the year.


Why not come and begin a new journey with us?

Join us and breathe into new stories in your life that are ready to be born.


Our breath is our practice.

Our studio is our sacred space.

Our story is waiting to be transformed.





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