I have a good friend who has been helping me to create the audio version of my book ‘Tough Bliss’ for the last year. Fabio is an experienced and multi-talented sound healer, music producer and sonic enchantment weaver! He plays with frequencies and vibration better than anyone I know which is why its such a treat to create with him.


This week as I was driving home from an adventure into the Dragon Hills with a friend, Fabio and I were jamming on the nature of story and its energetic elements; on how the words in ancient myths carry power through the way we voice them.



How when we read stories aloud, they carry a different resonance than absorbing them silently.


How narratives transform when they are combined with sacred sound and frequency to create healing journeys that take us deeply into the imaginal realms!


Stories have frequency.



For years I have been facilitating an exercise with people on my workshops and webinars called the Storywave. In this particular hack, I ask people to feel into the lessons (tests) and blessings (gifts) that their life story and experiences have presented them with thus far. Then after they have a list of these highs and lows, I ask them to plot them much like a graph along a piece of paper mapping the heights and depths and drawing a line to connect them all. What you end up with is a diagram that looks much like a brainwave or even a heart wave. The line that connects our life experiences shows us the relative frequency of our life at any given point and the resonance of our narrative journey thus far.



Of course, its our current state of consciousness, belief system and identity that determines whether an experience is a high or a low in the whole wave, yet repeating this exercise at least annually, allows us to see how our overall perspective is shifting as we journey through our life.



It also shows us what frequency our stories are creating in the world.



Do we have a life that is dominated by ‘high’s’ or burdened by ‘low’s’? Do we have an undulating frequency that gives us a taste of the lessons that come from both ends of this spectrum?



The storywave frequency can be seen somewhat like our heartbeat.

Imagine that you are hooked up to a monitor in the hospital and can see your heart beat regularly pulsing in green every time it beats.



Every life experience and the story we make up about it forms a pulse.

Each day has a rhythm.

Each year has a pattern and a tempo.

Much like a drum beat.

Or a pulse.

Or a frequency band in music.



Our stories and words have power that ripple out into the molecules of the universe and command them to create the experiences that we encounter.


Our stories are music that we dance within.


And we can change their tempo and notes any time we stop, pause, listen and make a new choice.



Could we change what we see as a low to a high and transform the song?

Could we embrace the lows as the drum beat of our soul?



Yes! Stories have frequency.



Fabio and I will be releasing the audio book of ‘Tough Bliss’ around the Spring Equinox this year. This audio narrative is laced with sacred frequencies and words of power. It is my frequency that invites you into an experience of your own.


We will also be co-creating a number of new sound and story journeys throughout 2020 and beyond.


Lets dance.


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