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A new generation of businesses is being born!

We are at an exciting time on the planet. In the last 11 years since I have been running Beyond Human Stories, I have worked with a wide array of limited companies, multi-nationals, community interest companies and social enterprise’s. I have also worked with educational institutions and multiple not for profits, many of which are now run like businesses due to the way funding streams are structured and allocated.

Yet in the last year during a global pandemic, the world of ‘business’ has been able to stop, catch our collective breath, and take a good long look at what is truly important. Organisations who have been able to do this effectively and with depth, are now starting to come back from lockdowns into new ways of operating with purpose that will shape their impact and prosperity in the months and years to come. It is here that we enter into the world of B Corp.

B Corp – using business as a force for good

B Corp caught my attention in 2019 as one of the fastest emerging ethical business frameworks and certifications in the world. Founded in the US in 2007, with 82 original companies it has now grown to a network of 3720 businesses across the world in 150 industries and 74 countries!

Having taken a few businesses through the process of becoming a certified B Corp, I can honestly say that in addition to this being the most holistic and robust certifications I have yet seen, it is one of the most exciting global business networks in the world right now.

Using ‘Business as a force for good’ is the principle on which certified organisations of multiple sizes from multiple industries are gathering around to explore some of the tough questions of our times. I have been blown away by the power of collaboration that is happening in this fast growing network and inspired by companies that previously would have been in competition, coming together to innovate and find solutions to key issues such as net zero commitments to climate and carbon, building better economies and gathering under the ‘better business act’ in the UK to encourage the government to hold all businesses accountable and responsible for their impacts and ways of operating.

Yet the B Corp Certification is only the first step on a journey towards truly sustainable, regenerative ways of operating and doing business in our fast changing global context. The implementation of people and planet focussed processes and collaborative innovation cultures is something that must be addressed at the DNA level of an organisation if B Corp is to support your future vision and mission as a company.



Mission and purpose led organisations have been around of decades and yet many remain relatively unknown. B Corp is a way of putting your ethics and values front and centre of your business strategy so that customers, stakeholders and investors alike can see how you are differentiating yourself in the market.

It opens up a global network of like-minded, like-hearted organisations who are all driven by finding collaborative, innovative solutions to our social and environmental challenges.

It also recognises positive impact across multiples areas of your business, giving you a never-ending source of stories to tell as you embark on your journey towards true sustainability.


The B Corporation certification measures how a company is performing on a social and environmental level.

The process involves the ‘B Impact Assessment’ that offers an evaluation of how a company impacts its governance, workers, community, environment and customers. The assessment is extremely robust and ensures that as a business you’re really walking your talk when it comes to important issues such as climate change, diversity, inclusion and customer education.

It also gives you access, once successfully certified to one the most exciting mission-led business networks on the planet!


Genevieve is a certified B Leader and experienced sustainability consultant.

Having supported a number of companies through the process of the B Impact Assessment and the stages of implementation and organisational innovation that follow successful certification, we can offer a range of consultancy and coaching options that fit the needs of your business.

Whether you wish us to scope and project manage your certification, co-design your end to end sustainability strategy or work as a core part of team to integrate and embed the ethos, we can find a solution that allows you to transform your business from the inside out.




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