We are all indigenous to Earth.


This is something I have spoken about frequently with many of the amazing elders who I am lucky enough to have in my life as teachers, guides and role models.


Humans are catalysed by stardust and yet made of Earth and clothed in her elements.


All our relations on this beautiful living planet are formed in similar yet different and diverse ways.


Our challenge is to return to a more integrated and interdependent way of living within the complex and intelligent ecosystem of Earth.



Returning means remembering – who we are and why we are here.


Remembering leads to reconnecting – to the ecosystems of life all around us.


Reconnecting allows us to retory what it means to be human.



This week I am honoured to be invited to dialogue with my friend, aunt and elder Brooke Medicine Eagle at her upcoming FREE summit, Return to Earth, Becoming Fully Human.


We would like to extend a sacred invitation join us and many other elders, Earth Keepers and Visionaries.


This free summit that begins on the 16th Nov will invite you to sit in daily circle with incredible beings like the wise elder and presidential consultant Jean Houston; shaman and Earth healer, Sandra Ingerman; Aleut wisdom keeper, Ilarion Merculieff; Hawaiian knowledge carrier and fern- medicine man, Ke’oni Hanalei; internationally famous horse “whisperer” and healer, Linda Tellington Jones; herbal pioneer and teacher, Rosemary Gladstar; sustainable building expert and international Permaculture teacher, Penny Livingston-Stark; AND Paul Levy, quantum physicist and alchemist of life mysteries; Itzhak Beery, shaman and sacred plant medicine facilitator; Matthew Liam Gardner, young and powerful, conscious Australian leader; Vicki Noble on the power of the arising Feminine; Stephen McFadden on food production and agroecology; MJ Pangman and Melanie Evans sharing Dancing with Water; myself Genevieve Boast dialoguing on Storymaking and Eros, and so much more……


Join us in the circle for



Moving Through Current Challenges into Thriving, Prospering & Richness of Life.



You will be able to watch from your home, office or on the go. Recorded replays will be available for 24 hours after each presentation.


Here are some of the things you’ll learn about:

  • how we are connected to the whole of Life and what that means for us day to day;
  • how to build our homes in ways that are affordable, beautiful, harmonious and healthy;
  • how the plant world is vital to our lives, our happiness and health
  • how food production is the basis of our lives; and choices that make the real difference in our well-being
  • indigenous wisdom about lifeways of health and harmony for All;


and much, much more……

It’s clear that workable, regenerative solutions are based on looking at the whole picture, and getting connected to the profound lessons of how things really work on this planet and with us as humans. Everything from White Buffalo Calf Pipe Woman’s holy teachings to modern quantum science tell us we and everything on Earth are connected in a whole and holy CIRCLE of LIFE. Walking forward in a way that works must reflect this at every level!


Will you join us in the circle?

We hope so.



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