Years ago when I was learning NLP, I was taught a neat storyhacking trick for creating our future.


It was called, ‘standing in the future’.

The trick goes like this.


Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths, imagining that you can breathe right down into your heart centre. Focus your breath there until you feel your mind calm, and you can hear your heartbeat clearly as the centre of your attention.


(This may take longer than your unruly mind would like but persevere – the clarity is worth it).


Now when your heartbeat is the centre of your world, imagine you can project yourself 5 years into your future.


Notice where you land.

What part of the world are you in?

Who is around you?

What are you doing?

How do you feel?


Most importantly, do you like what you see and hear?



Perfect – stay there and enjoy this space for as long as you wish.



Then, let’s begin to storyhack.


What is bothering you about the future scene that you are imagining?

Make a mental list (and don’t worry if you have to open your eyes and write this down – it won’t affect the process).


It often starts with the ‘things’ we don’t like. Once you have the things (or people), dive a layer deeper and notice what emotions these things are causing in you.


Emotions are the energy we wish to hack here.

Emotions are energy-in-motion.


Physics will tell us again and again that where our attention goes, the energy (and forms we experience) grow.


Emotions drive our attention.

They bring the force of our imaginative capacities full throttle at a story – whether we like that story or not.


To hack a future story that we don’t wish to experience, we need to hack the emotional state that is creating it through our attention.


Stop – make a list of the emotions in your future you wish to hack. (Again, open your eyes to do so if this is helpful). Once you have this list, take a moment and breathe into your heart centre once again. Tap into the emotions that you DO want to experience as the basis of your future.


What does your heart long for?

Peace, freedom, joy, calm?


Go to town and welcome all of these healing frequencies into your heart.

Breathe them in.

Welcome them into your blood stream.

Breathe them out into your life.


Now close your eyes again and bring these welcomed emotions into your future 5 years from now. Keep breathing them into your vision and imaginary world.


If you lose them, stop, take a breath into your heart and re-centre.

Repeat this as often as you need or can until these new e-motions become embedded into your breath and your heart.



The future is not yet made.

Your choices, stories and emotions are what command the molecules to create it.

The more we hack our negative emotional states in the present, the less control they will have over our future.


Our cells will start to run on higher emotional frequencies and our bodies will adapt them, healing us from the inside out.


Our outer lives are a reflection of our inner energy.

Breathe into a future you long for.

Breathe in the emotions that heal you.


Yes you can.

We all can.



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