Well, hasn’t 2020 been full of unexpected gifts?


Some of you may disagree but through the turmoil and chaos and sadness comes awareness, choice and resolution. The global pandemic has been just that – ‘global’. For the first time in many centuries (if not ‘the first’ time ever), we have collectively begun to realise the interdependency of our global systems and our global story. We have also started to see where it needs changing – and fast!


What if this rollercoaster of emotion we are all strapped into is actually the evolutionary journey of our species and our planet? What if we are all being given the possibility of choice in the emerging story of humanity?


What if …..


As my friend Jude Currivan would say, it may just be that we are (finally) starting to grow up, clean up, link up and lift up into a new time of unity of Earth. Does that sound romantic? Perhaps. But maybe unity actually does emerge through confusion, chaos and anger. Perhaps unity breaks through when we enter into the fire of alchemy and embrace its transformative power, letting go of old narratives that no longer serve us or anyone else.


“Stepping fully on to the realisation and path of unity consciousness is a form of alchemy: the ancient art of transforming base metals to gold, or lower forms of consciousness to higher forms. For me, this alchemy is hard to put into words or a (simple) step-by-step process. Each of us experiences alchemy in our own unique way, dependent on our soul’s vision, mission and story. Indeed, the nature of true unity dictates that there is nothing outside of ourselves. ‘Me’ merges completely with ‘we’ and we start to reach the stages of non-dual awareness where the story of interconnection comes alive in the cells of our being.”

Tough Bliss: Restorying Life



The process of living this practical alchemy becomes a daily choice – to consciously breathe into and release anything that we have outgrown, creating space for new understanding, experiences and opportunities to emerge. It takes constant bravery to live in an interconnected world where there is no one or no-thing to hide behind when life becomes challenging. We come to understand that ‘magic’ is our innate ability to co-create with the natural forces of life; both chaos and order.


I believe we can witness the human pulse towards unity emerging powerfully across our beautiful planet. Whether in synchronized global events like World Unity Week, the #blacklivesmatter protests or in indigenous activism that is galvanizing multicultural community support – the heartbeat of unity is growing stronger. With the digital technologies available we are able to connect, commune and synergize with both human and ‘more than human’ communities like never before. It is an inspiring time to be alive.


For me, unity manifests itself in multiple ways, ways that may also be familiar to you –


  1. In taking action towards something that feels right even though I can’t see how it will be successful in the long term.
  2. In realising that there is nothing inherently wrong with me or the world. That my life experiences are catalysts to prompt me into action on behalf of ‘we’ instead of ‘me’.
  3. In being guided by magical, synchronistic events and ‘lucky’ opportunities.
  4. In living mythically by witnessing potential plotlines, archetypal influences and quests as they appear in life and the wider world.
  5. In developing the ability to be creatively in discomfort, challenge, conflict and chaos: holding both dark and light without judging them as right or wrong.
  6. In entering a heightened sense of interconnection and communion with the all human and non-human beings.
  7. In love (in all its forms) becoming the core driver for our decisions.
  8. In experiencing ‘God’ as a verb rather than a noun.


Are you ready to experience the alchemy of unity? Why not link up and lift up with a group of fellow global adventurers on an 8 day journey into the heart of the experience and embodiment of unity?


I’m holding out my hand for you.

Will you take it?

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