As I write this storyhack, I am travelling through the Egyptian desert in my dear friend Hassan’s van on our way to Abydos, Temple of Osiris.


Glamorous? Definitely.

Romantic – yes!

Transformative …..that’s the reason we are here.


When we are called to venture out on another adventure, we are rarely in the ‘right’ or perfect place to undertake it. Usually, we have all the ‘real world’ excuses such as not having enough time, money, resources or energy to undertake it.

This is a classic feature of the ‘call to adventure’ spoken of by master mythologist Joseph Campbell in his Hero’s Journey.

Whether you say ‘yes’ to the adventure presenting itself or not, is a choice of timing. You can say ‘yes’ now or in the future. You can even avoid your adventure for years if not lifetimes but eventually it must catch you up and you must surrender to its call.




Because this is what being human is about.

Growth, evolution and transformation – all of which involve jumping outside of your comfort zones.


This is my tenth trip to Egypt since 2014.

Each time I have been presented with an unknown adventure, that mirrors back both my darkness and my light, show’s me my shadows and where I need to grow.


The desert may seem barren and dry on the surface, but it hides beneath it a vast reservoir of running water that feeds life.

How willing are you to dive underneath what you think you know about yourself and life in order to learn something truly of value?

How alert and aware are you for the signs that herald the next chapter of your life story – are you ignoring them in order to stay safe?

True adventure is never safe.

It cannot be.


True adventure takes us deeply into the mystery of life, wanting to flow through us like a wave.

It takes us into the unknown so that we may expand.

It asks us to surrender again and again.

Yet each time gets easier.

Because we start to know and to trust.


And what awaits us when we do embark into territory outside of our comfort zones?


Fear combined with tingles of anticipation.

And of course, the hidden gift…..the love.

Oh, the love that lays in wait around every corner.


Adventure unlocks our deep memories and our ability to manifest our future.

Are you ready?

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