“You must tell the story that unites”


It is a journey that began before I was born. One that has taken me over 6 years to write, re-write, weave & alchemize. It’s a labour of love that I tried to walk away from several times, only to pick it back up again – compelled by a story that wanted to be told.


It started as a tale of my own raw & real human journey. A vulnerable and honest account of the tough, blissful moments in my life when I discovered who I really am. It has since evolved into a handbook for how to remember, reconnect and restory who you really want to be.


Tough Bliss is a gift to humanity. Gen Boast shares her sacred expansive life journey with raw honesty and deep self-awareness to reassure us to trust life.

Barbara Savage, Tribal Trust Foundation


My grandfather used to say “Life is not about models of how to do something or what to do in certain situations. It is about discovering WHO you are here to be and how to live your life beautifully from this place.”  Tough Bliss honours this impulse. It invites you to dive into your real story, the one that sits behind the masks & roles you have been taught to wear. It calls you to say ‘yes’ to your unique life adventure.


Tough Bliss is a handbook for how to be human.

Lawrence Bloom, Be Earth Foundation


We are living in a time where our old human stories are crumbling. Many amongst us are looking for a new guiding mythology. One that unites rather than separates. One that reconnects us back into the living, breathing system of life on earth. One that helps us redefine what it means to be human at this time in our evolution. A narrative that is both inspirational and grounded, inviting us to re-engage with our life, our communities and our purpose in ways that will make new stories as well as tell them.


Reading Tough Bliss is the literary equivalent of taking a long hard look in the mirror and then learning to love what you see.

Rosa Martin, Liquid School


Tough Bliss launches into the world today. It is time. Time for a new story to be born inside each of us. One that inspires and integrates. One that changes our world from the inside out.




To share the essence of Tough Bliss, in this week’s Restorying Life podcast Genevieve dialogues with Mike Smith, fellow author and a good friend. They dive into Genevieve’s personal story, exploring how we all have the ability to become extraordinary story makers.



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