What is your story about time? Seriously.

Play with me if you are unsure about this.


Take a moment and complete these sentences to uncover your time story:

Time is……..

My days are……..

I am most focussed in the……

Time runs away when……

Time stops if I.……

My life is here to……


Okay, so, is there a pattern in all of this for you?

I have an admission to make. For most of my life, I have been a horrific future pacer. What I mean by this is that I am always dreaming and longing for a future reality which is better than, more fulfilling than, more exciting than the one I am living in the moment; I am future pacing.

The result of this is that I had become addicted to running faster than my legs could carry me into an unknown life that I had yet to create or catch up to.


My story of time was that ‘the future couldn’t come fast enough for me – and that the present and past were never where I wanted to be’.


Why ?


Because I felt limited and trapped in some way where I had been and where I was now.


The trap?


My expectations as to how fast life would or should (back to that word again!) deliver my dreams to me. I was the only one restricting my sense of freedom or enjoyment of where I was in that moment. No external force could inflict that upon me.


What sort of life do you think I created on this foundational time narrative?


Yep – one addicted to busyness and planning. One that was full of distraction from the outer world, leaving me no ‘time’ to focus on my inner world and hacking those fundamental stories on which everything else stood.


Yes, I achieved success by my standards and had many adventures in the process, but I found myself a few years ago on the edge of exhaustion, wondering why amongst this amazing ‘full’ life I had created, I was still running at a million miles an hour and not slowing down long enough to enjoy my creation.


So I stopped.


I went to the mountains and I looked into a mirror for a number of days.

I allowed myself to see the parts of my story that were keeping me locked in the future.

And when I saw them, I laughed.

And then I took a deep breath.


Ever since then, my story of time has changed.


Now I believe that ‘Universal time brings things to us in exactly the right way, at the right time’.


Human time is impatient.

Universal time, or Earth time, has rhythms and cycles that play out over millions of years.

Earth time is patient.

Universal time is eternal.


So I trust this flow.

And I stop to smell flowers, drink tea in the rain and spend time with family.

Because my creations will find me eventually.


And in the meantime, I will enjoy the present moment which is always so full of beauty.

I know its an ancient wisdom teaching and yet in our world it becomes more and more challenging to hack our stories of time.


Why not change ‘never enough’ to ‘precious’?

Or ‘flies past’ to ‘slows down when I am present’?


Try it.

Your whole experience of life and its beauty will change.



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