In my calling as a storyteller and storymaker, I am blessed to connect with people all over the world who are aspiring writers of some kind. Frequently they are seeking inspiration on how to find their authentic voice. Often they are wondering how to make a living as a storyteller.


However, more recently, I have noticed a distinct shift in the dialogues.


It is a shift away from us (the humans) writing about life as it happens to us, and a shift towards us (the conscious evolving souls) allowing life to write through us as we experience it.


The concept of allowing life to ‘write through’ us is the subject of this beautiful and diverse podcast with my dear friend Dan Kern.


Dan and I met magically through a shared friend’s introduction. We spent a timeless afternoon in the Colorado mountains exploring mythology, cosmology and evolution while realising (pretty quickly) that we would be soul friends for life!


Dan is an amazing being. After earning his stripes in the corporate world, he travelled the globe for 2 years in an applied study of consciousness, culture, and personal development. He told me with a sparkle in his eyes that this journey changed the entire course of his career and life. After nights in over 100 different beds he found himself in California, as the co-founder of the rising Beacon Collective.

But more of that in the podcast.


Allowing life to write itself through you is a practice that encompasses deep surrender, deep trust and a deep sense of adventure into the unknown territory of consciousness itself.

You can start by coming to your writing as a blank slate. By placing your hands to the pen or keyboard and, after a deep breath or two, allowing the writing to emerge from a place ‘beyond the human writer’. A place from beyond your head.

Essentially you are romancing revelation. The aim is to tap into a realm of consciousness that feels ‘bigger’ than your human self and allows you to expand all previous stories about who you are and how the world works around and through you!

And this is when the adventure truly begins.


Join Dan and I in this short podcast where we talk over tea and dive into the vast territory of being a ‘life writer’.






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