At this time of year, many of us who were brought up around the Cristian tradition are very familiar with the symbol of Christ surrendered on the cross.


Crucifixion, an agonising thought for many of us, has started to change shape, form and meaning for me in these last few years.

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How many times must we be reborn in one life?


Over a decade ago when I was stood at the brink of a cliff that would see my whole life transform from the outside-in, I would have told you that this kind of ‘dark night of the soul’ rebirth only comes rarely.


Perhaps known as a ‘midlife crisis’ or an ‘empty-nester meltdown’, we are taught that these major life transitions only come once in a while. Perhaps 2-3 times if we live that long.


Yet these days when ‘black swan’ events seem to happen every other week, I appear to be restorying my narrative.

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This month is one of the most fertile times of the wheel of the year on earth. Not because things are growing but because we are planting the seeds of our future stories deep in the soil of our lives.


We are able to sink into the inner realms of our imagination and harvest the lessons and blessings of the previous twelve months. This is the time of year when I draw a line in the sand and decide how I wish to co-create the next twelve months in harmony with Universal Law.

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