For a long time I have been using a powerful storyhack exercise known as a ‘Narrative Lens’. It is one of the fastest ways I know to immediately change the story that you find yourself living in by bringing your attention to the characters, environments and choices that create your life story.

Want to try it with me?

It’s fast. It’s powerful, and it transforms.


Imagine for a moment that you find yourself sitting or standing within a circular field of energy or light. This can be flat or spherical. It can be wide or small, and expands and contracts depending on the thoughts you think and the feelings you feel moment to moment… just like your breath.


This circle is your intimate, unique human story lens. It is the filter through which you view and manifest the stories and experiences in your world.


It contains your:

  • Beliefs (both childhood and adult)
  • Your thought patterns (the neural networks that govern and operate according to your beliefs)
  • Your senses and emotions that feel the results of your beliefs & thoughts
  • And the memories that form as a result of the choices you have made and the actions you have taken


Phew… is it feeling crowded in your story lens yet?

Or perhaps your lens is somewhat grimy with years of accumulated beliefs you inherited from other people?


Want to know the good news?

You can choose what stays and what goes.

You can wipe your inner story lens clean of others peoples beliefs and thinking.

You can let go of any narrative keys that restrict you and keep you trapped in habits.

Want to detox your story?


Stop for a moment and imagine that you can wipe your lens clean. Remove any old beliefs, thoughts and feelings that are old and no longer serve you.


It doesn’t have to be everything at once. Just go with the things that immediately spring to the front of your awareness. Then imagine that you can take them (be they words, pictures or energies) and throw them outside of the boundary of your narrative lens.


Yes – it can be that fast and that easy.

By throwing them ‘out’ you immediately create space within.

Now look around at the world once again.


How do you feel?


Keep doing this until you reach a space inside your lens where you feel clean and clear.


Now examine your lens once again and notice what remains. What is often left after a narrative cleansing are our core values.


Examine them.

How do they make you feel?

How does your life look differently when you see the world through a clean lens that authentically reflects YOU?


Get to know your real story from the inside out.

Choose a life value and walk with it front and center of your lens for a day or two.

Enhance it.

Develop it.

Or even decide to evolve it to something better fitting who you are now!


Welcome to your unique human ability to restory and transform your narrative landscape in an instant.


This is the first lens – ME.


From here we can start to look out at how our ME lens connects to and interacts with other ME lens’s in our local ecosystems. This becomes the collective lens of WE.

How does your story interact and engage with the story lenses of your family, your work colleagues, and your society?


Once you are practiced at working with your own story lens, why not try joining your lens consciously with another persons in a vesica piscis. See what happens in the transformational space in the middle of your two circles. This is the place of co-creation, of communion and sometimes of love.






Each one a bigger lens in the human and more than human story on Earth.

And you get to play in all three as a conscious and aware storymaker.


Ready to storyhack?


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