Genevieve Boast


Today (as I sit here writing this) is the first year anniversary of my grandmother’s death. One year ago today her soul woke me up at 3:33 am UK time – the very moment she was passing from one life to another (9:33pm Denver time). In many ways she is more with me now than ever, yet in others I still miss our times of practice that we shared together.


“Practice” ? You might think. That doesn’t sound like a stereotypical granddaughter, grandmother activity.

I know but nonetheless this was the essence of the deepening of my relationship with her in the latter part of her life.

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Right now, the many people with whom I come into contact are working through a story of limitation and constriction in some way. In fact, I’m pretty sure that if you are sitting here reading this, you are also experiencing this sense of limitation in some area of your life! I certainly do.

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When you read that statement, do you feel excited or apprehensive?
Do you really believe that this is true?


New science would point us towards strong evidence that our beliefs, thoughts and intentions create the experiences and ‘reality’ we end up living.


So why is it that so many of us struggle with the concept of ultimate self-responsibility when it comes to our stories?

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To recall past events and learn lessons from them is one of the oldest mythic traditions in the human lineage. Since ancient times, people have gathered to recall legends, retell tribal stories and teach young ones through remembering the adventures of those who came before them.


Therefore it comes as no surprise, after decades of working with narrative transformation and restorying, to find that it is the inner landscape of our memories that hold the most fertile ground for the creation of our future.

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