Genevieve Boast


There are times when we burn.

We make outer fires warm us. To feed us. To nurture us.


We make inner fires to transform us.

To heal us. And to clear old, stagnant energy systems.


When we make inner fire, we enter the flames to heal.

To whole. To resurrect. To renew.


And there are many kinds of fire.

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The darkness gathers

We breathe into the oncoming sleep

The life currents are slowing

We are asked to weep


Not for grief you understand

But to let everything go

We cannot take the past with us

All the old stories must go


The cosmic void awaits

Our courageous leap

Our souls in her hands

The great mother keeps


For the time to begin anew

Has come

No fear can exist

When we live as if we are one



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The days of everything working out according to our plans appear to be over.


The times we are living in are defined by what my friends in the sustainability world would describe as VUCA.




Chaotic and



Just when we think we might be able to see a clear way ahead, it feels as if the Universe then comes and drop kicks that ‘plan’ into oblivion and we are left once again in the void of not knowing.

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