Genevieve Boast


The days of everything working out according to our plans appear to be over.


The times we are living in are defined by what my friends in the sustainability world would describe as VUCA.




Chaotic and



Just when we think we might be able to see a clear way ahead, it feels as if the Universe then comes and drop kicks that ‘plan’ into oblivion and we are left once again in the void of not knowing.

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The light is fading.


As we approach the time of deep Winter in the Northern hemisphere, we are cocooned in darkness.


But darkness is not what we once thought it was.


As a new perspective on life emerges between us in these times of challenge where seeming polarities are fusing.


We are starting to see that what we once defined as ‘bad’ or ‘good’, ‘light’ or ‘dark’ are simply two sides of the same coin.


We cannot separate things as we once did.


This is the gift of chaos.

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Radical rebellion in times of massive social transformation is often unseen.


It stems from subtle actions that form the fabric of a new way of being.


It goes without saying that we have been living through intense times of stress and change.

Yet humans have always needed this pressure to force evolution.

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This week I offer a prayer that flows from the heart of the waters of our planet.

I offer a prayer in honour of the water that flows through our human bodies as blood.

I offer a prayer to the element of flow that facilitates evolution in our Universe.

I offer a prayer to the waters of life


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